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Sales post: VK CDs and Goods, some Lolita stuff

Hello! I would like to get rid of these things once and for all. so please make an offer if you think the prices are too high, chances are good that I'll agree to a lower price! :)

☆ I only accept paypal.
☆ Buyer will cover the paypal fees: 3.4 % + 0.55USD
☆ I will send items via Economy Service (slower shipping method, may take up to two weeks). If you want faster shipping, please tell me.
☆ Registered shipping is + 6$ and your signature has to be taken upon delivery
☆ I cannot be held responsible for lost packages!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask ! ^_^
All prices are negotiable. If you want more pictures, just tell me.
Please include your paypal address if you are interested.
If you would rather like to send your data via email, send it to defectivecoma [at] gmail [dot] com (or send me a pm)
You can also write me on tumblr.


Golden Bomber - Boku Quest A-Type
Price: 10$

Golden Bomber - Boku Quest B-Type
Price: 10$
There's a small scratch on the CD case,
otherwise it's new and I only
opened it to look inside.

Golden Bomber Boku Quest
Brand-X Comment DVD
Price: 10$

Golden Bomber
Shimohanki Best 2010

Like an Edison Comment DVD
Price: 15$

ViViD - Take off [Limited Release]
Price: 50$

ViViD - Dear with DVD [Limited Release]
Price: 60$
There's a scratch on the CD case though

FeaDior CD

FeaDior CD
both FeaDior CDs for 5$

Gift CD
Price: 3$

Billy CD

Billy CD

Omnibus with Billy, Sadie and the Pumpkin Head
All three Billy CDs for 10$

Shulla CD
Price: 3$

An Cafe Magnya Carta European Version
Price: 5$


Goods and Magazines

ViViD Original Autographs
price: 20$

the GazettE Black Moral Pouch
Size: 15x11cm
Price: 15$

the GazettE Black Moral Totebag
Size: 30x20cm
Price: 20$

Screw Towel from 2006 (pre PSC)
Second pic
On the back side, some
threads have started to come off
otherwise it's in good condition
Price: 30$

Content table
Price: 5$

Moi-même-Moitié Pouch
Price: 10$



Yoshiatsu - flawless being


Today I got the keys to May's and my new flat! ^O^
I also went there to take the measurements of the rooms etc.
I'll move in next Saturday and May will join me a few days later~

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I can't wait to finally move in ;~;"

I still need to pack a ton of things, so I'll better continue stuffing things in boxes now...

Oh, and I finally found my way back to twitter! I'm so not used to tweeting anymore, but I'll probably get the hang of it again very soon www
@HEARTLESSDAY if you want to add me or stalk me or whatever... just tweet me if you want me to add you back because otherwise I won't >_>;;

Yoshiatsu - flawless being

My ガゼット / the GazettE collection

Updated - 2012.02.05

I've been buying new releases since 2006 and started collecting old releases seriously about a year ago. There are a lot of reissues but I'm not really interested in them (yet). My goal is to get all first presses and limited editions first. This just serves as an overview for myself ^^

Although I’m a big big fan of buying CDs and DVDs, I’ve decided to upload all my the GazettE rips in this master post here ^_^
CD Japan is a great site to buy stuff from, so go there and let your wallet be Ruki’s slave~
This is not a complete disco-/videography, just the things I own.

All mp3 rips are HQ and ripped in Exact Audio Copy with the help of this tutorial. I can provide lossless rips upon request. I’m only uploading them on Mediafire. All videos are in .avi format, but I’m working on uploading them in .VOB as well. All mp3s are tagged as ガゼット because of my personal preference, sorry for that 8D” I suggest you use this program if you want to change this. Use hjsplit in order to join large files.

All these uploads are my rips and my uploads! Do not take without permission, do not upload or post anywhere else! That’s all I’m asking for, thank you ^^
Also, don’t forget to support Gazette and buy your own copies~

Bold = got it
This list was inspired by wlifers, used with permission (thank you ♥). Additions and changes added by me.

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r'n'r ; baka

Friends cut like entry XD"

Hello friendslist!

There are currently 25 people on my friendslist, but 50 people who have added me as their friend. So I'd like to request the people I have not added back to either delete me from their friendslist or to tell me that they want to be added back. Actually there's that nice little sticky post in my journal that says "please comment or I won't add you back" and  that's what I do...

So please delete me or ask me to add you ^_^


And I just made a hotel reservation from the 25th December to the 10th of January at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!!
Is anyone planning to stay there as well, when they are in Tokyo? (to see Gazette or whatever) >w<