★T●ki☆ (distressedcoma) wrote,

Friends cut like entry XD"

Hello friendslist!

There are currently 25 people on my friendslist, but 50 people who have added me as their friend. So I'd like to request the people I have not added back to either delete me from their friendslist or to tell me that they want to be added back. Actually there's that nice little sticky post in my journal that says "please comment or I won't add you back" and  that's what I do...

So please delete me or ask me to add you ^_^


And I just made a hotel reservation from the 25th December to the 10th of January at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!!
Is anyone planning to stay there as well, when they are in Tokyo? (to see Gazette or whatever) >w<
Tags: gazette, lj, tokyo

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