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Today I got the keys to May's and my new flat! ^O^
I also went there to take the measurements of the rooms etc.
I'll move in next Saturday and May will join me a few days later~

I took some pictures >w<

The street that leads to the house... there are lots of trees and hedges and basically everything is green... and it's such a quiet area!
I've always lived next to the street, a gym and the school and there was always some noise.. now it's going to be so quiet QQ;; I'll get used to that ^-^

That's the entrance! Surrounded by trees and bushes, too *^* It's so pretty!!

I couldn't really take good pics of the flat itself, but I'll try again when we're done moving XD"

I'll just post these ones for now XD:

The kitchen *^* Which is actually quite big! Often you can't put a table in kitchens here, but we have lots of space for that!!
I also love the shelves in the corner! It's kinda cute, haha ;~;"

There's only one room with carpet, so it's going to be our cozy TV room, tehe~!

Have you seen Paranormal Activity 3? Yeah, that creepy door here reminds me of it www

We already said we'd hang up lots of posters in order to cover it up 8D""
But since it's not going to be our bedroom, it's going to be OK I guess XD"

Actually we wanted a two room flat, but now we got three rooms instead *drop*
So we'll have one room for some kind of office or whatever..
I've already moved some things over... the most important things www

I feel really paranoid now because my babies are not with me Q___Q; They're all like 100km away in an empty flat... and I'm like "hopefully the house doesn't burn down or anything as long as they're alone..."
But I had to take them with me already since it took 4 boxes to fit in everything and I only have 5 boxes.....

And our bedroom... nothing spectacular...
It'll just fit the bed and a wardrobe...

I can't wait to finally move in ;~;"

I still need to pack a ton of things, so I'll better continue stuffing things in boxes now...

Oh, and I finally found my way back to twitter! I'm so not used to tweeting anymore, but I'll probably get the hang of it again very soon www
@HEARTLESSDAY if you want to add me or stalk me or whatever... just tweet me if you want me to add you back because otherwise I won't >_>;;

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